Start campaigns

Click "My campaigns"

This list of leads is who will be contacted by the system. You need to do two things:

  1. Filter out leads you don't want to contact

  2. Assign leads to be contacted by the right Instagram account

Filter out leads you don't want to contact

Check the "Remove from campaign" box. This will remove the lead from the campaign.

This does not delete the lead. It simply removes it from the campaign.

This is preferable to deleting the lead. If you delete the lead the system will not be able to detect it as a duplicate if a search finds it again in the future.

For example, if you don't want to reach out to Starbucks, by removing it from the campaign, the system will never find Starbucks in the searches again, even if you are searching in another location.

To filter leads en masse, use the filters.

Apply the filter to find the leads you want to filter out. For example, You can set Total score < 4.5 to identify all the leads with under a 4.5 rating.

Then, check the "Remove from campaign" box for both of these leads.

To remove multiple leads from the campaign at once, use this trick.

  1. Copy the word "checked" (without the quotes) into your clipboard.

  2. Select the column header "Remove from campaign" by clicking it

  3. Press Ctrl + V to paste (or command + V is you are on Apple).

This will remove all the leads in the column at once.

See manually removed leads

Click the "See manually removed" button to see which leads are removed.

Uncheck the "Remove from campaign" box to bring the lead back into the campaign.

Assign leads to be contacted by the right Instagram account

Go to the "Sent from Insta account" column, and assign each lead to be contacted by the right Instagram account.

You need to do this before the system will contact these leads.

You can assign leads en masse by clicking the little square box on the bottom right of the cell, and dragging it down the column.

Finally, make sure your "Insta account status" is set to Active, or it will not send.

You can do this either by going to the "Connect Instagram accounts tab", or directly on this page by clicking the "coffee shop campaign" (or equivalent) cell.

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