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Connect Instagram accounts

Connect Instagram accounts

Click "Connect Instagram accounts" to connect your Instagram accounts.
Then click "Connect new Instagram accounts"
Then fill out your details:
  • Insta acc ID
    • This is just a name to keep track of your campaign. E.g. Coffee shops campaign 1
  • Insta handle
    • Your Instagram handle E.g. daretocarepack. Do not use the @ sign
  • Password
    • Your Instagram password
  • First DM messaging
    • Insert the link to a publicly accessible Google Docs, and type your messaging out directly on the Docs.
    • Paste the link to the docs directly in the field. Sample link. Does not actually work. Paste this link into the field.
  • First DM picture
    • You can upload a picture to be sent along with your first DM (usually a picture of your product)
  • DMs per day
    • You can choose how many DMs you want to send a day from the account. For example, 10 DMs a day means this account will contact 10 different leads per day.
  • Followup messaging
    • Upload a separate Google Doc with your followup message. Same process as above.
  • Followup DM picture
    • Same as above.
  • Followups per day
    • Same as above.
  • Auto assign all leads to be sent from this Instagram account
    • This setting allows all new leads found in the search to be automatically assigned to the chosen Instagram account. Useful if you don't want to manually assign leads and/or you are only sending from one Instagram account.

Turning accounts active

Accounts must be set as "Active" in order for DMs to send.

Two-factor authentication

Make sure 2FA for Instagram login is turned off. This is required for the bot to work.