See search results

See search results

To see your search results, click "see previous searches".

Then, use the dropdown menu to find your search.

You can see how many new leads were found from the search, as well as how many of these leads have Instagram accounts.

Not all leads will have Instagram handles.

You can see your search results displayed. Fields include:

  • Location name

  • Image (from Google Maps)

  • Search terms (which search term found these results)

  • Category (Google Maps classification)

  • IG account (the location's Instagram)

  • emailunique (location's email address)

  • Address

  • Website

  • Reviews count (how many people have reviewed the location on Google Maps)

  • Total score (rating out of 5)

  • Phone number

  • Pluscode

If you scroll further down the page, you can also see search statistics, with a more detailed breakdown, like what categories were found overall, average ratings, and more.

Why are the number of search results different than the number I requested?

Sometimes, if you ask for 50 results, the search may return a smaller amount, like 39 results. And then, of those 39 results, maybe 30 results have Instagram accounts.

Not to worry, this is because the system has removed duplicates.

For example, if you search for grocers, Google Maps may return 5 Wholefoods in different locations. These are duplicates, so the system will not add them to your database. So if you searched for 50 results, and 5 of them are Whole Foods, only 46 results will be added.

Also, if you search for cafes vs. coffee shops, sometimes you will get the same location. If the location is already added in your database, the system will detect this and not add it a second time.

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